Kuboyama Satoru's MAGIC LAND

Location / How to get to the Magic land?

The Magic Land is in a middle of a mountain in Minami-Izu. Please allow enough time to enjoy the entire mountain experience. Advance reservations are required.

Reservation for Your Visit

633 Ichijo Minami-Izu-Cho Kamo-Gun Shizuoka, Japan


By train and bus

Take off your train at Izukyu Shimoda station

Get a Tokai bus bound for “Ichijo Takenoko Mura – via Horikiri” at the bus hub in front of the station.
A 19-minute ride will take you to the Ichijo Takenoko Mura, where you should take off the bus. From the bus stop, you need to walk approximately 30 minutes to the gallery. We’ll pick you up at the train station and drive you to the gallery if you let us know your arrival time in advance

By car

The Magic Land is in a remote environment – more so than you may imagine, especially if you live in a city.

Driving directions and map are shown below. Roads are narrow and rough- can be too much for holiday drivers… If you would rather not to drive or think you might be lost on the way, please let us know.

The Magic Land is in Ichijo area in Minami-Izu Town which is about 15-minute drive from Shimoda. From Shimoda downtown, take Route 135, which turns into Route 136, then take Prefectural Road 119 until you get to the Ichijo Takenoko Mura.

Directions From Shimoda downtown
From Shimoda downtown

When you see Ichijo Takenoko Mura at your left, turn right onto a narrow side path and go along it until you come to the second corner. Then tuen left to cross over a small bridge. Go pass Takesumi HIroba and keep driving along the road.

Directions From the Ichijo Takenoko Mura to the Magic Land
Directions From the Ichijo Takenoko Mura to the Magic Land

Come and visit the Magic land!

Discover Satoru’s distinguish paintings and explore the beauty of nature at the Magic Land - Children and grown-ups will find it enjoyable and be surprised how quickly the time passes!

Feel the quiet air in the mountain, meet insects and wild birds and animals you may have never met before, or get inspired about country living…


We’ll guide you around according to your desired schedule, so please let us know your visit in advance.

Reservation for Magic land