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July, 2017

“Nise-Mushi Zukan (Imaginary Bugs Visual Dictionary)” on Sale!

Sold out in Tokyo Hakubutsu Festival on July!

Modified B5 size, Hardcover, Full-colored 96-page book

Get ready to meet as many as 700 different kinds of imaginary bugs!
Satoru gives a short note to all the drawings – about who they are or how they were born.
The Appendix contains drawings of imaginary plants, animals, genii and fairies.

Look into a part of the “Nise-Mushi Zukan (Imaginary Bugs Visual Dictionary)”

Available at the Magic Land online store

“Nise-Mushi Zukan (Imaginary Bugs Visual Dictionary)” can be purchased at the shops

Satoru | July, 2017

Satoru Kuboyama’s books available for purchase

“The World of Imaginary Bugs: Color Me (An adult coloring book” is published from Riron-sha and can be purchased at Amazon

“Hoshi no Mushi Zukan (The Star-Bugs)” has been receiving great reviews and customer satisfaction. It contains more than 300 different kinds of imaginary bugs (star-bugs) which are accompanied by detailed explanatory notes by family. And this book is not only about bugs but includes drawings of trees as well! This is a very beautiful & wonder-Full picture book, a total of 96 pages, in modified A5 size. The book is available for purchase at the shops;

Satoru | July, 2017

Come and visit the Magic land!

Feel the quiet air in the mountain, meet insects and wild birds and animals you may have never met before, or get inspired about country living…<//p>


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