Kuboyama Satoru's MAGIC LAND

New Year 5People Exhibition

at Gallery Gandenji      Kegurano MInamiizu

Original Painting

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Snoozing bug

What is "MAGIC LAND"?

Magic Land is a small and cozy art gallery located in a middle of a mountain in Minami-Izu Town that exhibits art works of Satoru Kuboyama.

About the Artist

You can always expect Satoru’s paintings and drawings exhibited at the gallery. Special exhibitions are also held once in a while.
The journey to the gallery may be long and the roads are hard. But it worth the efforts! Once you get here, you’ll find yourself in a world of wonder!

Lots of wild birds and animals will welcome you. Take time and enjoy the exhibition. Please come and visit the Magic Land when you have chance to visit Izu

  • Entrance
  • Appearance
  • The gallery
  • Exhibition Room
  • Bamboo brooches
  • Works
  • Many bugs photos
  • Handpainted
  • Magic Land and nature
  • A loquat tree
  • A path to the Magic Land
  • A mountain behind the Magic Land

Satoru Kuboyama's Works