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August, 2017

Special Exhibition of Original Drawings by Satoru Kuboyama at the Saijotaku Art Museum

The Saijotaku Art Museum, in Izu Kogen (Ito-shi), featured Satoru’s original arts from August 17 through 22, 2017. Workshops were also held on the August 17 and 22 and the event attendees were given original can budges as an event gift. “Nise-mushi Zukan (Imaginary Bugs Visual Dictionary)” was made available for purchase.

Satoru | August, 2017

Come and visit the Magic land!

Discover Satoru’s distinguish paintings and explore the beauty of nature at the Magic Land - Children and grown-ups will find it enjoyable and be surprised how quickly the time passes!

Feel the quiet air in the mountain, meet insects and wild birds and animals you may have never met before, or get inspired about country living…


We’ll guide you around according to your desired schedule, so please let us know your visit in advance.

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